ExpoMatch Real Time Smart Exhibition Matchmaking

ExpoMatch is a Novel Exhibition Matchmaking System
Designed by Experienced Event Organisers 
Providing Solutions to Common Exhibition Challenges
ExpoMatch has been developed by a team of international exhibition organisers with over 40 years’ experience to:

 Improve the services and the experience that event Organisers offer to Exhibitors and Visitors

 Save time and money

 Increase ROI for all stakeholders, making exhibitions more profitable

Automatically match Visitors with Exhibitors, based on mutual product interest . . .

. . . AND match Visitors with other Visitors, based on mutual business interests

Do all this in real time, giving the Organiser a control panel overview during the event

Enable Organisers, Exhibitors and Visitors to increase their return on investment

Provide new income streams before, during and after the event

Generate more sales opportunities: a Win-Win-Win situation for Organisers, Exhibitors and Visitors

Collect reliable data electronically, saving paper and lead processing time . . .

. . . and providing the basis for money-saving targeted marketing in future

Increase ROI for All with ExpoMatch

Enable Organisers, Exhibitors and Visitors to save time, generate sales opportunities, and increase income

Increase Visitor And Exhibitor Engagement

Exhibitors and Visitors are motivated to complete full and accurate details in good time, used as a basis for potential business matches. Using ExpoMatch Visitors do not need to spend time planning, finding their way around, and recording what they see of interest. Users are free to relax and look around, and spend more time discussing products and doing business face-to-face. Registration for future events is also significantly improved.

Organiser FAQ

Connect Visitors with Exhibitors

Automatically connect Visitors and Exhibitors, based on similar product interests, in real time
Visitor FAQ

Exhibitors: Never Miss a Potential Client with ExpoMatch

Automatically connect, at any time, with Visitors who are interested in your products

Visitors and Exhibitors: Widen Your Exhibition Networking Opportunities


Exhibitor FAQ

Using ExpoMatch, create immediate contacts with Exhibitors and Visitors who share the same, or complementary product interests

For more information please contact the ExpoMatch team


4 Steps to Success:

1. Download the ExpoMatch App

2. Enter Exhibitor’s Stand Number or Scan a QR Code

3. Mark the Product(s) of Interest

4. Accept or Decline Leads


THE App Live in Action:

Animation: How ExpoMatch Works

The Quiet Revolution

The global exhibition industry is undergoing a quiet revolution, thanks to new technologies developed primarily for other media, and enthusiastically adopted by users at exhibitions . . . For organisers the key to solving this challenge is to facilitate meetings between exhibition stakeholders. How do you enable visitors to meet as many relevant exhibitors as they would like to during the exhibition? How can they use their time most efficiently before, during and after the event? . . Read more

Please contact the ExpoMatch team for more information


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