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Q: Will I know in real time who visited my booth and which products interested them?

A: Yes you will

Q: Will I get contact details of Visitors, so I can send them more information about the products they were interested in?

A: Yes you will, by pressing a button


Q: Will I receive statistics showing the level of Visitor interest in specific products in my booth?

A: Yes you will







Q: Can I build a Visitor profile by comparing data from two Visitors showing interest in the same product?

A: Yes, you can do this easily

 Q: Can I get real time information about Visitor interest in a new product?

A: Yes you can

Q: Will I receive information from the Organiser about Visitors interested in products similar to mine, but who have not yet visited my booth?

A: Yes you will

Business Cards?

Q: Will I still have to collect Visitors’ business cards in order to retrieve leads?

A: No, reliable contact information will automatically be captured electronically


Q: After the show, can I obtain a list of Visitors who might be clients, according to their profile, even though I did not meet them during the show?

A: Yes you can, if you have subscribed to this option with the Organiser

Q: Will I receive details of Visitors to my booth who indicated interest in my products using ExpoMatch, but did not speak to me personally?

A: Yes, the details are sent to you automatically, as soon as they use the app to indicate their interest



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