Exhibitionet is a reliable, convenient and free search engine for trade shows and exhibitions worldwide.

User-Friendly Search Engine

eNetcom’s Exhibitionet is probably the world’s most user-friendly exhibition search engine. It is integrates seamlessly into your website or app, with the look and feel of your branding. It offers a reliable service to inform your website visitors about trade shows worldwide. Exhibitionet can also generate additional income through affiliate links and referrals to travel companies and other services.

Exhibitionet Provides Relevant Data

Unlike other search engines, Exhibitionet is
• Relevant – it includes only the 12,000 most popular exhibitions, based on international and regional importance
• Well informed – it includes only data collected manually, and verified by our experienced team. We do not use robots to collect data
• Reliable – it checks all exhibitions to ensure that links to the exhibition websites and organisers are ‘live’

Up To Date

Exhibitionet is
• Up to date – it monitors exhibitions to ensure that they are taking place as announced
• Easy to use – searches can be by date, location, subject and name of exhibition
• Free of advertising – it does not accept payments to promote exhibitions, which can skew search results
• Convenient – it links to the exhibition website and gives organiser contact details, so attendees can contact the exhibition organiser directly for further information
Exhibitionet collects information about the exhibition from the organiser`s website. Therefore, if you wish to attend an exhibition, please contact the organiser directly to verify the dates and venue.

Extra Service

As an optional extra service, we can also offer daily or weekly search reports telling you who has searched and what they searched for. To provide this, users will need to log in with name and email before searching. With this data you can generate profiles to target your marketing effectively and use your budget efficiently. Each search is a potential client. For example, a national Export Institute was delighted to find that with Exhibitionet installed on their website they now know who searches for which subjects, so they can offer appropriate services, such as courses and workshops, with a higher success rate.

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