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Q: How does ExpoMatch work with my existing registration software?

A: It integrates seamlessly with your existing registration software, furthermore, we can offer new registration software, if required.

Q: What is the uptake rate for the app?

A: Virtually 100%, because it is downloaded as part of the registration process, and can start to generate business leads as soon as it is set up.

Q: Do I know at any given moment where to find a specific Visitor?

A: Yes, you know where they’ve most recently scanned a QR code

Q: Can I get reliable information concerning Visitor traffic to all event booths? I need this information to plan booth location and prices next time.

A: Yes you can

Sending Messages

Q: During the show, can I send messages to Visitors interested in a specific product, directing them to other Exhibitors with similar products, which they may have missed?

A: Yes you can

Q: Can I build a database detailing Visitors’ interest in specific products?

A: Yes you can


Q: Can I matchmake between Visitors with similar, or complementary interests?

A: Yes you can

Q: Can these matches result in business opportunities in the future?

A: Yes they can

Q: Can I send messages (in real time) to Exhibitors, alerting them to Visitors interested in products similar to theirs, but who have not yet visited their booth?

A: Yes you can

Q: Can I still do it after the show?

A: Yes you can

Q: Will I save marketing and advertising costs by sending messages directly to Visitors about future exhibitions featuring products they showed interest in, during the last event?

A: Yes, you will

Q: Can I do this even for other trade shows we organise worldwide?

A: Yes you can

Post-Event FAQ

Q: Can the connection between Organiser and Visitor continue after the show?

A: Yes you will automatically stay in contact, as you continue to feed information

Q: Can I make a profit out of the situations mentioned above?

A: Yes you can, by selling ExpoMatch matchmaking services to Visitors and Exhibitors

Q: How many Visitors can I expect to be matched?

A: Typically, between 50%–60% of Visitors may be matched, depending on their profile



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