ExpoMatch Benefits for the Exhibitor

Never Miss a Potential Client

ExpoMatch’s reliable lead capture automatically connects you with Visitors who are interested in your products. You can connect with them at any time, even after the show, so you need never miss a potential client.

You receive accurate contact details of all those who are interested in your products as soon as they visit and enter your booth number into the ExpoMatch app, or scan your booth’s specific QR code, and select which products interest them.

Feel free to schedule meetings (or have a natural break) away from your booth. Meanwhile ExpoMatch will accurately keep track of all Visitors interested in your products. Back to list

Update Show Catalogue in Real Time

Many exhibitors feature new products at trade shows. ExpoMatch allows you to update details in the Show Catalogue right up to the show opening day, and even during the show. Back to list

Invite Relevant Visitors to your Booth in Real Time

ExpoMatch will inform you of potential business partners. If you missed someone because you were busy or away from the booth, arrange to meet them later at the show or contact them after the show. In this way you need never miss a business opportunity. Back to list

Save time and paper

ExpoMatch gives you an accurate record of contact details for all Visitors who express an interest in the products on display at your booth. No need to spend time collecting business cards and writing contact details on lead sheets. ExpoMatch takes care of that for you. Consequently, ExpoMatch leaves you with more time for demonstrating products, carrying out detailed explanations and negotiations, and for doing business. Back to list

Important Market Research Insights for Exhibitors

Know which of your products are most popular by quickly rating your Visitors’ interest using the ExpoMatch smartphone app. Use these important insights to rearrange your product display during the show for maximum impact. And use them to plan your booth for success at future shows. Back to list

Evaluate Sales Leads

ExpoMatch generates leads based on specific product interest. Use the ExpoMatch Exhibitor profile to compare Visitors who showed interest in the same products. In this way ExpoMatch help you to evaluate leads and prioritise Visitor follow-up after the exhibition. Back to list

The Show Goes On …

The ExpoMatch System continues to generate relevant sales leads even after the doors of the exhibition have closed. Consequently, it  extends the impact of your exhibition investment, and improves ROI. Furthermore, based on the record you have of visitors and their interest, you can send specific product-relevant invitations to your next show, saving on marketing and advertising costs. Back to list


What an Exhibitor says about using ExpoMatch:

“We have been in the dental business for the last 19 years and participated in at least 7 IDAN International Dental shows. Due to ExpoMatch, for the first time I have the details of the visitors to my booth and the products that interest them. I am talking here about visitors with whom I could not speak during the show. When we contacted them a few days after the show, we had a basis to negotiate because we knew the products they were interested in. Very smart system, I must say.” Dan Gershuni, Dentalvision Ltd


This article from Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) draws on a study where 68% of exhibitors ranked lead generation as one of their top three leads. 62% of exhibitors used ROI metrics to assess an exhibition’s value for them.


Animation: How ExpoMatch Works

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For more information contact the ExpoMatch team or visit our Exhibitor FAQ.


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