CongressMatchcMatch – is an innovative new platform which enhances the experience of congress participants, and hence, increases engagement. CongressMatch improves ROI (Return on Investment) from a conference. It has been specially developed for conferences, incorporating elements from our ExpoMatch system.

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The Congress Industry Needs an Advanced Tool to Reinvent Itself

A comfortable routine brings great benefits, especially when it proves to be successful. The congress industry around the world is no exception. Conference organisers will plan the next conference based on the formula of the last one, provided it was successful… But how do we define success?

This question has many answers. We look for a satisfactory number of participants, with profiles accurately matching the conference theme and topics, interesting lectures with a high level of audience engagement, workshops and classes fully subscribed, and positive feedback. After the conference, we hope for letters of thanks from lecturers and participants. All these positive indications may define the conference as a success. They will probably encourage the organiser to repeat the same winning template next time.

Here and there they will introduce new content, additional activities, perhaps even an artistic programme. They may organise a trip for participants and their partners, a special get-together with a particular theme.
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Business Relationships

However, among the criteria defining a successful conference one is often overlooked: the quantity and quality of business relationships generated among the conference participants. Occasionally we see attempts to initiate meetings between participants, and encourage networking between delegates, but there is no tool to measure their success.

What is missing, so that these connections do not occur randomly or by chance, is an automatic tool activated by the organiser to allow participants, from the moment they register for the conference (and sometimes even before that) to see the profiles of the other participants.

But merely disclosing profile information to the individual participants doesn’t necessarily lead to action on their part – especially since the average participant tends to be passive. They register in advance for a conference, but only prepare for the event a short time before the date. This is typical behaviour.
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The CongressMatch Tool

The CongressMatch tool developed by the German company eNetcom, in cooperation with the veteran Israeli exhibition and conference organiser ITEX International Exhibition Services Ltd overcomes participants’ natural passivity by automatically creating profiles of the participants. CongressMatch sends each of them the details of other specific participants whose profile complements or is similar to their own.

The participants don’t have to seek them out for themselves (haven’t we already said they’re passive?). Participants simply need to consent to communication with other delegates which the tool indentifies as having complementary or similar profiles.

Once a match is made between those with similar or complementary profiles, a world of possibilities opens up, whether for academic, professional, business or information exchange, depending on the nature and subject of the conference.
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Delegates Linked by CongressMatch

In other words, the organiser automatically creates an internal network between the conference participants using the CongressMatch tool. With CongressMatch installed on their server it is possible to link further potential participants, thereby expanding the network and increasing the number of delegates at the conference. Consequently, on the opening day of the conference, entire groups of participants are already familiar and able to interact. The dynamics of the conference take on a different aspect.

From the Organiser’s point of view, all the information and connections generated before the conference are under their control. Since they are the source of the information, they control its distribution to the participants. This allows the Organiser to make changes and adjustments to plans, if necessary, a reasonable time before the conference.
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CongressMatch Raises ROI for All

Consequently, the ROI for conference participants and organisers rises to a very high level. Thus, CongressMatch ensures an even more successful conference in the future.

The Organiser has the opportunity to continue interaction with and between conference participants from one conference until the next, thanks to the fact that delegate-delegate and delegate-organiser interactions can continue using the CongressMatch platform. For the Organiser, marketing the next conference will be easier because they don’t need to start from scratch. They simply continue from the previous, successful conference.

It should be noted that all interaction between the participants is generated by CongressMatch on the organiser’s server, and their server directs the activity. With a system-wide analysis system, the organiser can extract, remove, sort and distribute the information at any time.

Thus, the new application reinvents and changes the momentum of a conference, and increases ROI for all concerned by tens of percent.
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CongressMatch offers a mobile app (iOs and Android). The App enables a Tinder-like interface to matchmake between congress participants, between participants and delegates, and also between delegates and sponsors.

Integration is quick and straightforward on the congress Organiser’s side. Simply integrate the required fields in the congress registration form, then forward these to the CongressMatch server.
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Data Analysis

The data collected includes the interest shown in specific speakers, products, categories, and more. It helps the platfom to matchmake as effectively as possible. The data can also be used for planning future events and for marketing purposes.
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Once the user has completed the registration process they can download the app and login with the username and password which they set up on the registration form. Then they can swipe through other participants’ profiles, and select the ones which interest them. If another participant has done the same for them, a match is made, and they receive each other’s contact details.
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Advantages of CongressMatch

CongressMatch incorporates advantages from our ExpoMatch system.


  • It creates realtime opportunities to connect with other delegates who share mutual interests, even if they have not yet met each other.


  • It provides an accurate record of the participant’s involvement in the event, thus reducing the need for time-consuming note-taking.


  • CongressMatch collects advanced data for the Congress Organiser and displays it on the organiser’s control panel in realtime.


  • The data collected enables the Organiser to tailor marketing for the next event, thus saving on marketing and advertising budgets.


  • Automatic data analysis shows the organiser which sessions attracted the most interest, thus helping future planning.


  • Sponsors are happy because cMatch enables you to give them more data about your event.

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Extended Lifetime

  • The system extends the lifetime of your event: it can be working from the moment a participant completes the registration process right up until the next event.


  • cMatch provides added value for delegates, a chance to make contact with others before, during, or after the conference, even if they don’t manage to meet at the event.


  • Participants are free to focus on networking and taking advantage of everything you offer at the event, because they do not need to spend time recording contact details.


  • Delegates are happy because they have better engagement with the event. Consequently they are more likely to sign up for the next conference.


  • For delegates, cMatch solves the problem of running out of business cards at an event, and consequently losing important contact details. It keeps track of contact details, topics and speakers that interest you.

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Improving Conference ROI

  • The system makes matches between potentially interested parties instantly. As a result, it improves the potential benefits from attending the Congress. It also improves Congress ROI (Return On Investment).


  • cMatch can be the basis for a social and business network, linking between users at your event.


  • CongressMatch enhances event security by collecting accurate registration details, thus providing reliable data for crowd management.


In conclusion, the CongressMatch platform offers a unique way to provide a truly value-added service to congress participants, delegates, sponsors and exhibition visitors.
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