A Selection of Visitor FAQ

Q: After downloading the exhibition app, can I simply enter the Exhibitor’s stand number or scan the QR code with my smartphone in the booth I visit, to register my interest?

A: Yes you can. This will ensure your interest in specific products is correctly recorded

Q: Can I simply use the screen on my smartphone to indicate the products that interest me, in a specific booth?

A: Yes you can

Q: Will the Exhibitor receive that information automatically?

A: Yes they will

Booths Not Visited

Q: Can I receive information about Exhibitors whose products I am interested in, but did not visit?

A: Yes, you will have an option to receive them as leads

Q: After the show, will I receive a list of all the Exhibitors I visited and the products I showed interest in?

A: Yes you will have a record on the app in real time. No need to wait until after the show, or rely on memory any more

Q: Will I receive information about other Visitors at the show whose profile matches mine based on interest in products for potential business, for example: Distributors and Manufacturers, Exporters and Importers?

A: Yes you will have the option to receive them as leads

Q: Who will send me information regarding potential business opportunities with other Visitors?

A: The Organiser will send you the information, and you don’t even have to ask for it. They will do the matchmaking for you, and send you a message offering you the option of the lead

Post-Event FAQ

Q: In future once the Organiser knows my preferences from the last show, will they alert me to products that may interest me at the next show?

A: Yes, they will alert you for products, together with a list of Exhibitors who offer the products that interested you

Q: Does the same apply to other exhibitions run by the Organiser?

A: Yes, and it does not matter where they are held

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