ExpoMatch Benefits for Organisers
Automatically connect your Visitors and Exhibitors, based on similar product interests.

Track your Visitors’ product interests in real time.

Know which products interest your Visitors at every Exhibitor’s booth. Know this at any given moment, because ExpoMatch delivers data in real time.

Receive accurate information about your Visitors’ behaviour and preferences, enabling you to to enhance their experience.

Help your Visitors relax and have plenty of time for looking around and having meaningful business discussions. Consequently, they will report enhanced event satisfaction.

Help your Exhibitors have more time to demonstrate their products and discuss business opportunities with Visitors.

ExpoMatch integrates seamlessly with your existing event registration software. Furthermore, we can offer new registration software.

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Never Miss an Opportunity to Connect Attendees

Communicate with, and arrange real time meetings between busy Visitors and Exhibitors showcasing products of interest, even if they missed each other. Organisers generate more sales opportunities for attendees, because leads may be followed up before, during and after the show. Back to list

Improve ROI

With new income streams, ROI from the show increases for Organisers, Visitors and Exhibitors. Back to list

Save Time

Visitors and Exhibitors use time more efficiently because they make use of the relevant business leads Organisers send them. Attendees have an accurate record of their visit to the show, so they can follow up leads at their leisure. Advance planning is not necessary because the ExpoMatch app provides details of all relevant leads based on product interest scanned at the show. Back to list

Higher Exhibition Satisfaction

Organiser surveys show a higher satisfaction rate from Exhibitors and Visitors due to increased ROI, receiving more valuable business leads from you through ExpoMatch, and an enhanced exhibition experience. Back to list

Higher Exhibitor Engagement

Guided by the user-friendly, clear, product category database, Exhibitors are motivated to provide accurate detailed product information as soon as possible after registration. By this means, they can make the most of ExpoMatch’s lead matchmaking facility. Back to list

Increase Registration for Future Events

ExpoMatch gives you accurate data about Exhibitors, Visitors and the products which interest them. The higher levels of satisfaction and engagement increase early registration for future events. Back to list

Cut Marketing Costs

Detailed data from ExpoMatch enables you to market future events more efficiently. Back to list

Increase Visitor Traffic to All Exhibitors

Understand the big picture: how Visitor behaviour and preferences affect exhibition traffic. The data enables you to organise floor plans for future exhibitions, driving optimum Visitor traffic to all Exhibitors, helping them to generate more business. Back to list

Automatic Product-Specific Profiles

Enable Visitors and Exhibitors to communicate in real time, and exchange data about products that interest them, through the user-friendly ExpoMatch mobile app. Back to list

Capture Visitor-Exhibitor interactions at the product interest level, in real time.

Real Time Business Matchmaking

Automatically create accurate, data-rich profiles based on each User’s interest in specific products.

Connect your attendees using real time matchmaking data, based on product interest. Information is updated every time ExpoMatch registers a Visitor’s product interest at an Exhibitor’s booth.
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Organiser Management Console

Manage the event efficiently. Automatically track interactions between your attendees, control exhibition traffic, and notify attendees of relevant leads in real time so that they never miss a business opportunity. Back to list

Meaningful Analytics for Organisers

Obtain rich data on floor-plan traffic flow, attendee matches, accurate profiles, preferences, numbers and more . . . enabling you to deliver even more successful exhibitions in the future.
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