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The App Starts Working For Visitors Immediately
Download the app to your smartphone during the event registration process. Start making contact immediately with Exhibitors and other Visitors sharing the same or complementary product interests.


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Visitor ROI Increases With ExpoMatch

The time-saving features of ExpoMatch mean you can focus on what’s important at a trade show: looking around, seeing new things, talking with Exhibitors about products which interest you, and doing business. More high-quality leads result in higher return on investment. Back to list


Save Planning Time

Once you use the App and indicate interest in a particular product, ExpoMatch automatically informs you where the same product is exhibited elsewhere in the show. This is a terrific saving on advance planning (which can often be based on inadequate information). Back to list


Travel Light

No need to carry business cards, printed catalogues or flyers. All contact details and product information are available through the ExpoMatch app. ExpoMatch saves time and ensures the exchange of accurate contact details. The App saves you carrying increasingly heavy bags around the show. It also saves on overweight on your flight home. Back to list


Find Your Way

ExpoMatch incorporates an innovative 3D navigation system to show you around the exhibition. It pinpoints where you are if you’re not sure, and indicates the best way to the next booth of interest. It saves time and effort walking around, and can also guide you to the show from your hotel. Back to list


Enhanced Business Networking

Widen your exhibition networking opportunities before, during and after the event, using relevant leads generated automatically by ExpoMatch. Send messages from the app to potential business partners. Create a social network based on complementary business interests. Enhance your exhibition experience. Back to list


Never Miss an Important Exhibitor

ExpoMatch links you with relevant Exhibitors, so you don’t need to spend hours marking catalogues and floor plans before the event. If you miss an Exhibitor because they were busy or away from their stand, you can make contact later, because ExpoMatch stores the relevant information. And once you use ExpoMatch to register your interest in their product, they will automatically have your contact details too. Back to list



Connect with Exhibitors Automatically

Let Exhibitors know which products interest you when you visit their booth, by simply keying their stand number into the app or scanning a QR code displayed on the stand, and selecting the product(s) of interest from their list. During the exhibition, receive notifications about Exhibitors you have not yet visited, but whose products are of interest. Back to list


The Exhibition is ‘Open’ for Longer

ExpoMatch can generate leads based on product interest before, during and after the show – right up until the next show opens. If you wish, you can catch up with the leads generated weeks or even months after the show. Back to list


Reliable Record of Visit to Exhibition

Save time writing reports. ExpoMatch automatically gives a reliable record of your exhibition visit, which booths you visited, which products interested you, with full and accurate contact details. No more scribbled notes on business cards, which are worthless if you can’t decipher them when you get back to the office … Back to list


Exhibition Follow-up is Tailored to Visitor Product Interest

You can easily retrieve your exhibition data from your smartphone at any time. Furthermore, you can see which Exhibitors you visited, and which products interested you, so you can quickly follow-up with relevant Exhibitors. Back to list


Receive Targeted Invitations to Future Events

Since the exhibition Organiser now also knows which products are your personal preferences, you can receive invitations to new shows featuring products which may interest you. Back to list


Unique to ExpoMatch: automatically connect with other Visitors whose product interests are similar or complementary. Enhance your networking opportunities and make your exhibition visit even more valuable. Back to list

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Quotes From a Visitor Who Used ExpoMatch

“It’s a pleasant duty to write you these words with gratitude and appreciation. I was asked to download the ExpoMatch app when I received an invitation to attend the dental exhibition. Not fully understanding its meaning, on arrival I downloaded the App anyway because I am always keen to try something new. I followed the instructions and scanned the QR codes of exhibitors who interested me.


Within half an hour at the show, I started getting text messages worded “according to your interest in the products on display at the exhibition, there is a possible link between you and other visitors at the exhibition if you would like to be introduced to them”. After I confirmed, I began to get other visitors’ profiles and their contact information. I own a dentures lab and preferred to look for other visitors classified as dental practitioners, thinking I could offer them my services.


To cut the story short, I made business contacts with 5 dentists by using the ExpoMatch app. I came to the exhibition to make contact with suppliers, and succeeded, and also made contact with 5 new customers who I did not even know existed.


My compliments to the exhibition organisers for adding a new dimension that did not exist until now at exhibitions I’ve visited. I’m looking forward to the next exhibition. The organisers informed me that I will not have to download the app again – it’s stored on my smartphone, along with the entire history of my last visit.
Thank you
Sergei Greenberg” Back to list


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